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FAQ Answers:

We shoot Saturdays only as per the calendar

We run a morning session from 9am to 11:30am at 300m for beginners and those wanting to sight in new rifles.

The afternoon session runs from 1pm to 4:30pm and is shot at whatever distance is listed on the calendar page. There are alterations to this plan for days marked as GRADE.

You can bring your rifles but they need to comply with the cailibre restrictions.

Unless you've shot at longer ranges before and have your wind and elevation zero's for those ranges you should start at 300m.

Please consider that much of what we do is listed on the website for you to read right now including information on where we are, what we do, when we shoot and weekly fees. Annual membership fees vary depending on many factors including how far into the membership year we have progressed and whether you have other family members looking to join with you so it's necessary to discuss those with us when you contact us.


For people making membership and license enquiries please consider the information in the getting licensed section of this website. You need to have a genuine reason by law and club membership is considered a genuine reason but only if you participate. Yes, that means that you will actually have to shoot, if only a handful of times per year. While it is a legal requirement, it's not an arduous requirement so dont be surprised when we expect you to come out and try what we do before signing up.

With that in mind it's a good idea to read up on what we do


Now that all the serious bother is out of the way...

What have you got to lose? You've come this far. Go for it!


p.s. Please don't email us your mobile number and expect us to call you. That would be rude.


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