Who are we?

Bankstown Chatswood Rifle Club is a visitor friendly (licensed and unlicensed) shooting club operating at the Anzac Rifle Range Malabar. We initially came into existence on 28 July 1997 when Chatswood Rifle Club Incorporated merged with Bankstown Rifle Club.

Prior to that we were two separate clubs. Bankstown Rifle Club which originally formed on 23rd March 1915 and Chatswood Rifle Club which formed 16th July 1915 and was later incorporated as Chatswood Rifle Club Incorporated on 3rd April 1996.

Our club is registered for Target Shooting, Hunting and Collecting so membership of our club satisfies the Genuine Reason requirements for these licence categories.

As a club we believe that shooting should be an enjoyable social activity and not a boot camp and conduct ourselves appropriately. That's not to say that we aren't competitive as we also maintain a healthy club championship competition and participate in inter-club competitions.

Club Histories

Chatswood Rifle Club

Chatswood Rifle Club was formed to teach people how to shoot in preparation for the first World War (WW1). 76 Members of Chatswood Rifle Club served in the First World War. Seven of these men lost their lives and 3 were wounded.

In 1944, during World War 2, Chatswood member Pt. Ben Hardy was posthumously awarded the George Cross for bravery for his role in defending against the Cowra Breakout.

3 club members including the then club captain, Robert Hynd, and the then club Long Range Champion (700, 800 & 900yds) David Mumford, fought in the Vietnam War.

Bankstown Rifle Club

Several membersĀ of BRC servedĀ their country with distinction in WWII. The standout being John Peter Sanderson who was a Japanese POW in the dreaded Changi Prison for several years.


What do we do?

We typically shoot two core disciplines F-Class and Target Rifle (T/R). The term fullbore is occasionally used as an abbreviation of Full Bore Target Rifle but more commonly it's just referred to as T/R. Our F-Class contingent shoot F-Class standard, F-Open and F-T/R. Our range is limited to a maximum cartridge size of 308 WIN or 7.62 NATO. This is a range restriction.

Mixing it up. F-Class and T/R shooters together at the firing line.

We shoot each Saturday, both morning and afternoon, at Anzac Range at distances ranging from 300m to 800m in 100m increments. (except 400m)

Our club runs both F-Class Standard and Target Rifle teams in the inter club competitions (or Grade shoots) against other clubs.

Our general weekly club shooting is not restricted to the two disciplines and any rifle of any calibre that fits within the range safety template rules (308 or smaller) is welcome as long as it doesn't have a muzzle brake.

In simple terms. Bring your factory sporter, tactical rifle or medium to small game hunting gun and you'll fit right in!!!

Where are we?

Map to club Map to club

Anzac Rifle Range is located at the end of Franklin St, Malabar in Sydney's Eastern suburbs.

It's general facilities include toilets and showers, small kiosk and an onsite well stocked (and well priced) gunshop.

The range is controlled primarily by the NSW Rifle Association and the Metropolitan District Rifle Association. There are numerous other range users including horse riders, model aeroplane enthusiasts and other affiliated and non affiliated shooting clubs.

When you arrive at the range you'll see numerous sign's stating that it's commonwealth property, no trespassing, etc. It's safe to ignore them and drive right on round to the clubhouse.

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Range Conduct and Rules?

Range open flag on the firing line

If in doubt... stop and observe what others are doing. The range officers aren't always obvious on the firing line but most shooters will stop and observe to see what is happening before moving their rifles to the firing line Note: The firing line is typically referred to as "the mound" due to the fact that it is usually an earthen mound.


All range users comply with the ANZAC RIFLE RANGE SAFETY RULES which give a good source of information with regards to the operations of the Anzac Rifle Range.


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